Why study online ?

Why study online as opposed to in a classroom ?

Online language learning reprimg_1625esents a revolution in how languages are being taught and learned. It has never been easier or more convenient to learn a language, not to mention at a better value as there is no travel time required, materials to purchase, or classroom needed.  With online teaching, all media, texts, and other materials are shared on the screen between teacher and student. This also allows for instant communication and written corrections when needed in clear, organized typed text (as opposed to the sometimes difficult to read handwriting on a white board or an annoying chalk board) Students who have children can study from the comfort of home; and students who are children need not travel to a school location. Instead, the classroom comes to you, wherever you are, even over school holidays for kids or for business professionals stuck in a hotel room on a business trip who would rather study with a tutor than waste an hour watching tv. Also, teachers are available when you need them for an assignment, correcting a text or email for work, or if you have a free hour and you wish to practice your language skills without having to make an appointment in advance as is required with normal teaching. All you need is to connect online – it’s extremely convenient and most students prefer it to the normal classroom!  

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