Brent, english teacher


Brent grew up in a small town in Southern California and earned his degree from the University of California Berkeley with High Honors. He has worked in education for over ten years and is a certified English Language Teacher. He has taught as a h
ead kindergarten
teacher all the way up to the universtiy level. 

For the past six years he has been living in Germany, Spain, and France, and learned the languages of those countries as well which allows him to help students from those coutries. Brent loves traveling, cooking, and learning foreign languages. 

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 Laetitia, french teacher photo Laeti

I was born in Provence, in Southern France. Having come to Heidelberg, Germany where I obtained a Masters degree in German Linguistics, I established my own private language school there. At my beautiful and welcoming school I taught French for many years to students of all ages including children as young as two years old and those learning to read, all the way up to German business professionals refining their skills in order to better work with their French colleagues – to university students cramming for various French level tests. I have always loved teaching and I try to share that love of languages with my students! My lessons are personalized, structured, and based on industry best practices. Today, I offer more than fifteen years of experience teaching my native tongue, and, after having transitioned from living in Germany I have put my full emphasis on teaching online. In many ways, and students agree, using an online platform offers benefits that a physical classroom cannot. For one thing, I can type directly to the student in real time about the material which is directly on the screen; so there are no books to buy, no papers to lose, and best of all students do not have to take time and money to travel but can learn conveniently from home or office. It’s a lot of fun! – Laetitia

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             Virginie, french and spanish teacher


Virginie is a native french teacher and she teaches Spanish as well as a fully bilingual teacher. She has lived in Spain for more than 13 years and has been teaching both children and adults for the past six years. Her aim as a teacher is to awaken in her students a love of french and to instill in them a sense of the benefits to learning another language and how that opens one’s worldview. As an expat herself within Europe, she feels it has become increasingly important to be trained to work in and to speak various languages. Her classes are tailored to each student and she is skilled at improving verbal expression as well as preparing students for exams. 

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Stefan completed his degree in German Studies and Literature and has worked as a German teacher in several countries including Russia where he created a German speaking club in the city of Krasnodar. His love for languages has led him to become fluent in English, German, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. He loves the challenge of teaching all levels and is a dynamic and creative instructor. 

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